Monday, April 04, 2005

Jot: Jon Lech Johansen Interview

Slyck interview with Jon Lech Johansen, excerpt:
From DeCSS to PyMusique, many see you as the DRM anti-hero (or the anti-DRM hero.) What is your motivation behind targeting the music and movie industry’s copy protection technology?

My motivation is to preserve the copyright bargain (copyright balance.) The content industry claims that the balance needs to be changed because they face impending doom, but we've heard that before (Betamax) and the numbers keep telling us otherwise [...]

People who claim that the iTMS DRM is a "good compromise" have naively bought into the impending doom propaganda.

What are your thoughts on DRM? Do you believe it has any place on the Internet?

I oppose all proprietary formats (which is in essence what DRM is), whether they be on the Internet or not.

(edited for clarity)


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