Monday, April 04, 2005

Swedish Anti-Piracy Organisation and ISP Shake Hands

The Swedish anti-piracy organisation AntipiratbyrÄn (APB) and the ISP Bahnhof have announced an agreement today, ending all legal actions against each other. They came to a stand off after APB raided the ISP on March 10th, claiming that it was a "source for top level piracy for several years". Bahnhof discovered APB was aided by an infiltrator, who actually "planted evidence" on its servers. The APB raid resulted in a heated fall out, with hacking actions, legal and death threats.

APB hailed the raid with a triumphant press release, and now it only sees the result of a month of self-inflicted collateral damage control. However, Bahnhof has said to cooperate with any police investigation in illegal file-sharing. The question is if the damage APB has inflicted on itself will pay off in the end: providers being more easily persueded to comply with APB's requests out of fear of possible liability. First, though, the organisation faces some possible liability itself, being investigated for violation of data protection laws. Today's agreement has not taken the spotlight of APB just yet.


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