Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Disney's DRM Is a Happy, Happy World After All

Much in line with the superficiality of his happy, happy world, Disney executive Peter Lee suggests consumers should be treated like the unknowledgeable children that visit his fairy tale parks:
"If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed," says Peter Lee, an executive at Disney.
From this piece in The Economist on the digital home and format incompatibilities.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i suppose this comment is useless considering all the comment spam, however...
I think you missed the point. Obviously when implementing a new technological change any wants to be sure they do so without the notice of their consumers. This is true for any field. His comments were from that perspective, that the change or addition of DRM should be such that the majority of consumers do not feel it's affects. If anything this means he wants a DRM that allows users to share it with some of their friends without noticing... but not with the world.

I still think the DRM arguments are BS and would be happy if the idea died, but i think you took his comments out of context

8/9/05 12:26  
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