Monday, September 05, 2005

KaZaA: Install Filters, and / or Die (Anyway)

Today the KaZaA lawsuit in Australia has finally come to the end of the tunnel: there's some light, but potential dead for the file-sharing software. KaZaA's software is not illegal per se, but it will have to be adapted by installing filters. Together with the plaintiffs (music industry), KaZaA will have to work on a protocol to be included in a new version of its software, and put up the pressure on its users to install this filters-included version. While one can argue that users won't have to update to keep sharing, and KaZaA may stay in its (spyware infected) business for now, this is still a loss for the company. Let's see how fast (new) users will migrate to other file-sharing platforms that are not bothered by filters.
The ruling can be found here (42 page rtf)


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