Friday, November 18, 2005

PC Is Finally Spelled TV

Those were the days, when you had to tinker with your PC for hours until you could finally watch that favourite TV show in ASCII fashion on your matrix-style monitor. Those were the days soon gone by. Thanks to the great drive for convergence to the ultimate home hub your PC will soon be spelled TV:

Microsoft and CableLabs, the U.S. cable industry’s nonprofit R&D unit, are working to document final approval of Windows Media Digital Rights Management as a content protection technology in order to protect cable operators from copyright violation and content theft.

"This agreement carefully balances the need to preserve the flexibility of the personal computer for consumers with the need for cable operators to be confident that the hardware and software shipped with compliant Media Center PCs will function like a CableCARD-enabled digital television," said Glenn Britt, chairman of CableLabs and chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable
I think this is one of the most beautiful sentences I've read in a long time. The obscenity of its wording is strangely attractive: agreement - balance - need - preserve- flexibility - personal - computer - consumers - need - cable - operators - hardware - software - compliant - media - center - PCs - function - television. That's TV poetry! Be ready for the great televison era. Be ready for flexibility within your own home hub. We're entering the state of preservation: the freedom that is, has to be preserved and protected by a fence of DRM-wire.


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