Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Crow on Grokster

Sheryl Crow statement on Grokster as VP of the Recording Artists' Coalition:
It is illegal and a copyright infringement to duplicate, distribute, upload or download a copyrighted recording without permission of the owner of the recording (other than to make a single copy for personal, non-commercial use); [emphasis added]
Is this just another concession on the legality of full CD/DVD copies? And that downloading and uploading may fall within the realm of (private) fair use (as has been reasoned in France)?

P2P systems are clearly inducing infringement by the users – those systems need to be held accountable. [...] Grokster and similar, competitive systems should be held liable for the infringement and damage they are doing to the creative community and the public-at-large.
For this one: read Alex Halderman at Freedom to Tinker.


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