Friday, November 18, 2005

Jot: Skype v. Verso Row Linklist

If you haven't followed the little Skype - Verso row (Verso being the filtering company that provides software, which it claims "blocks bandwidth drains such as Skype, P2P messaging, streaming media and instant messaging), here's a short linklist:

Firm hits out at "critical" Skype problems
Skype in talks with Chinese authorities
Verso Responds to Statements by Skype


Blogger hnugg said...

I read this:

Vbuzzer is challenging the proprietary protocol many VoIP companies are using which has left users vulnerable to security holes, virus attack, memory leaks, abnormal port activities and paying for inferior quality.

Full story on vbuzzer site

I believe it's common to block un-managed traffic by ISP.

17/1/06 00:08  

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