Tuesday, April 05, 2005

EU Parliament OK's 2nd Reading Software Patents Directive

According to a spokesman of the EU Parliament its Legal Committee has decided to not longer take into account the "small irrelevant errors" committed during the proceedings over the Software Patent Directive at the meting of the Council of Ministers, last month. It has dropped its objections against the way the Luxembourgian Presidency reached a common position on the Directive, or forced, as some might say. The intransparency of the proceedings was illustrated by a small Dutch-Danish row over what exactly happened at the meeting. It is the lack of transparency and democratic accountability, made clear by the proceedings, that have angered opponents of the EU Software Patent Directive. For them these were not just "small irrelevant errors", which sounds somewhat belittling, even more coming from the EU Parliament. The EU Parliament now has to express its objections against the Software Patent Directive within the restrictive procedure of the second reading. If not successfull in implementing some objections, hopefully the proceedings will be more clear this time, at least.
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