Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dutch Propaganda Pigs Hit Schools

I tend to forget all IP subtleties learned as an (academic) lawyer when reading about another lobbying organisation pushing its propaganda through children's throats. I don't mind the lobbying, even if it distracts from the real issues and possible solutions. I do mind the targeting of children, and especially using public schools to further private interests and present opinions as facts. It's being done in France, and now the Dutch software pigs are infiltrating the schools with their para-military gang look.

I had never thought these clowns would actually be allowed on school premises, but apparently many schools have opened their doors to the propagandists of a large anti-piracy campaign. The first "visit", generally presented as a raid on the campaign's website [Dutch], was held last week and there are many more to follow in the weeks ahead. This Software Propaganda School Tour is "sold out".
I think there's something seriously wrong with our school system if we outsource education to IP mercenaries in cheap leather jackets.
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